It's of the people, for the people

About Us

MUMBAI EYEWEAR FORUM is a professional association representing the Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Traders and Exporters who unitedly stand and serve the Eyewear Industry in India. We believe MEF is "Of the People and For the People." Our mission is to develop and maintain a professional standard in our trade policies for all segments of the industry. It's a new association of people who are eager to grow but not desperate, who wants to do only what they Love to do, who expects respect both for product and personal. Much more in line for doing fair, ethical & healthy business.

MEF helps the industry and fellow members by organizing seminars every quarter on various different topics like “Fight with Slow Down”, “8 Business Jewels to bring turn around in Business”, “Better Trade policies for ethical and healthy business”, etc...

MEF also believes in charity and performs eye camps at regular intervals supplying free spectacles to the needy.

So taking a foot forward we have our clear plans for doing few major and vital changes in the Eyewear Industry, already few of them are under implementation and yes results have started showing.

We at Mumbai Eyewear Forum (MEF) thank our patrons and all the members for having a growing confident in activities which MEF is committed, activation has already started and yes results shall speak by itself.

Why Join MEF?

MEF intensions for members to come together for:-

  1. Best business practices
  2. Networking (Among Members) as this is the spring board of today's success in business.
  3. Representing our concern to Governing bodies
  4. Knowledge sharing on present taxes and laws
  5. Best Banking Practices
  6. Awareness to divide our Risks (Insurances policies)
  7. Educating & Trainings to share Modern Technology
  8. Awareness of hidden cost (especially in Manufacturing)
  9. To adopt a ethical policies of doing fair business
  10. To create facilities for upliftment of Man Power
  11. Threads awareness both in healthcare and business environment
  12. Advocating in common issues.

This list gets bigger when all Elite meets & off course networking remains key to synergy and betterment.

We have long way to go but with every MEF member’s support, involvement and encouragement our path can become easier to climb to our Goals.

What is the benefit of Networking in MEF?

MEF believes in Networking as networking is the thumb rule to achieve success in any business. To prove the strength of Networking we at MEF have launched the MEF Directory by the name “OPTIC WORLD” which has helped all our members to get globalized. You as an individual are limited to connect with only few people in your daily business. This MEF Directory has helped our members to get new business from cross borders and even cross country.

To book your copy of “OPTIC WORLD”, please email us at

Below is the list of our Office Bearers and Committee Members. Feel Free to contact them for any suggestions, complains or feedback.

To connect to the President, email at
To connect to the Secretary, email at

About MEF

Office Bearers

    Mr. Harish Gajjar

    Company : SpectsCraft

    Mr. Chetan Jakharia

    Company : J. J. Traders

    Mr. Sandeep Mehta

    Company : Prakaash Eyewear Pvt. Ltd.

  • Joint Secretary
    Mr. Kirit Mehta

    Company : Das Opticians

  • Treasurer
    Mr. Bharat Mehta

    Company : Prakaash Eyewear Pvt. Ltd.